Udi Aharoni

Hi. I'm a researcher at IBM research labs, and in my spare time I write and create animated videos.

Contact me at home@zutopedia.com

Here's a collection of most of my work:

Zuto: The Adventures of a Computer Virus
A novel for middle-graders and above, that takes place inside a computer and has educational merit. Reviewers wrote about it that it is "Gripping", "Funny", "Clever", "Unique", and more.

Visualization of Quantum Physics
A visual demonstration of some basic quantum physics principles.

A demonstration of data compression
Write a piece of text and see how we compress it.

Proof That Computers Can't Do Everything (The Halting Problem)
Visualization of Alan Turing's Halting Theorem.

A Visual Riddle (The Epitaph of Stevinus)
A physics riddle: what happens when a string of beads is placed on a triangular prism?
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Visualization of Quick Sort
A demonstration of the sorting algorithm Quick sort, with comparison to a simpler sorting algorithm, Bubble sort.
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Visualization of Engine Power and Transmission
A demonstration of the physical principles behind car gears.
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Visualization of the Coriolis and Centrifugal forces
A visual demonstration of imaginary forces (requires some background knowledge).
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Visualization of Einstein's Relativity
A visual demonstration of the Lorentz transformation and the principles of Relativity (requires some background knowledge).
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A demonstration of Binary and Hexadecimal numbers
An interactive animation showing Decimal, Binary, and Hexadecimal counters (requires some background knowledge).
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An adder built from logic gates
An interactive demonstration of how logic gates work, and how they can be used to perform mathematical operations.
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Visualization of Torques (moments)
Why do balanced scales stay horizontal? The answer is not so trivial, and it involves torques (also called moments).
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SVM with polynomial kernel
SVM is a mathematical tool for classification. This video explains the kernel 'trick'.
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